BCI Solutions

Client Business Value

Baseline Assessment and Diagnostic

BCI reviews your organization's current process and data flows, to identify improvement opportunities and establish a performance measurement template for continuous improvement. In this context, BCI can assist your company in conducting an internal benchmarking of the reporting and all other financial functions.

  • Reduced internal costs
  • Improved quality of data
  • Benchmark on internal performance

Data & Process Modeling

BCI presents a detailed model of the information and processes required satisfying your reporting needs, from both financial control an IT perspectives. Our focus is on delivering an integrated (financial, management reporting, and tax) data model and improved validation and consolidation processes. The final model is ready for implementation and tailoring to your systems environment.

  • Elimination of data redundancies
  • Time savings for information providers and recipients
  • Consistency of procedures, controls, and data across organizations

System Architecture Strategy

BCI evaluates your current systems' capability to satisfy your reporting needs. We lay out the strategy to modify existing systems, install new packages, develop customized solutions, or a combination thereof.

  • Reduced systems implementation cost
  • Shorter development life cycle
  • Less likely to "miss the target"

Custom Application Development

BCI designs and develops applications that support business requirements. We understand financial controls and use Microsoft tools such as Visual Basic, Access, SQL-Server and ASP to generate prototypes and client-server applications.

  • 'Built-in' controls
  • User-familiar analytical, query, and reporting tools
  • Smooth transition from logical design to physical implementation

Project Management and Monitoring

BCI supplements or manages the project's resources under your direction, using a structured development methodology.

  • Controlled risk, time frames and cost
  • Maximized resource allocation
  • Focus on function/business objective links